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Installation view: Next, Gowen, Geneva, CH, 2023
On the right: Sofia Yeganeh, Interaction, 2023, print, acrylic and embroidery on canvas, 135 x 101 cm

British-Iranian artist Sofia Yeganeh was born in 1996 in London, UK, where she lives and works. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parsons Fine Arts, New York, USA. Her exhibitions include: Revival I - XVIIIe siècle, Gowen, Geneva, CH, Lux Feminae, The Light of Woman, Queens, New York (2022) and Visual Unpredictability, Patrick Parrish Gallery, New York, USA (2021).

Working in mediums of embroidery, collage and painting, Sofia Yeganeh’s practice is defined by expressive and instinctive characteristics as she deals with personal themes based around identity, human nature and body, and the natural world. The natural form is a running thread in her oeuvre, particularly the female body and the way in which it is often depicted idealistically in collective imagination and contemporary culture.

Throughout her work, Yeganeh continues to contrast and juxtapose mediums, creating depth and adding nuance. Her most recent work, Interaction, is part of a series in which the artist experiments with different techniques to capture the movement of the body, creating stark contrasts between light and dark, motion and stasis, pushing the limits of perception to encapsulate that which emanates from the body beyond the visible. In this series, Yeganeh also uses thermal images to explore the emotional and energetic interaction between humans.



Born in 1996, London, UK
Lives and works in London, UK

2019 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Parsons Fine Arts, New York, USA

Group Exhibitions
2024 - (Upcoming) Merging boundaries, Zaal Gallery, Toronto, CA
2024 - Salutation, Gowen, Geneva, CH
2024 - Connect #3, Maki Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2024 - The Flow, Dastan Gallery, Teheran, IRN
2024 - Art Fair Tokyo with MakiGallery, Tokyo, JP
2023 - Next, Gowen, Geneva, CH
2023 - Revival I - XVIIIe siècle, co-curated by Laura Gowen and Rachel Cole, Gowen, Geneva, CH
2022 - Breakfast, Los Angeles, USA
2022 - Lux Feminae the light of woman, Queens, New York, USA
2021 - Visual Unpredictability, Patrick Parrish Gallery, New York, USA
2021 - Stable Friends, theStables, Vienna, AT
2021 - The Third Decade: theStables, S-chanf Barn, CH
2021 - Cookies and Clouds, theStables, S-chanf Barn, CH