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Born in Jerusalem in 1977 and living in Milan, multimedia artist, composer and guitarist Yuval Avital develops his works in a variety of spaces, including public venues, industrial archaeological sites, theatres and museums, challenging the traditional crystallized categories that separate the arts.



Born in 1977, Jerusalem, Israel
Lives and works in Milan, Italy

2007-2008 Conservatorio G. Verdi, Milan, (Electronic music & composition)
2003-2006 Angelo Gilardino Soloists class, Vercelli, Italy (Classical guitar)
1998-2002 Jerusalem Music Academy, Jerusalem, Israel (Classical guitar)
1992-1995 The Jerusalem Contemporary music Center, Jerusalem, Israel (Contemporary music, jazz and improvisation)

Upcoming events
2023 - MONUMENTS AND DOVES, Tinos, GR – PAC Murate, Florence, IT (solo exhibition)
2023 - ABOUT BIRDS, Teatro Comunale “L. Pavarotti”, Modena, IT – Musei Civici, Modena, IT (chamber opera for string quartet with dance performance, and in parallel a solo exhibition)
2022 - NIGHT BEIGNS, Rondalia Festival, Philipphines, PHL (score for rondalia ensemble)
2022 - REGGIO PARMA FESTIVAL, Reggio Emilia and Parma, IT (artist of the year, his activities will include exhibitions, installations, stage works and icon-sonic artworks throughout the year)

Solo Exhibitions
2022 - SONG OF THE CHIMERAS, Gowen Gallery, Geneva, CH
2021 - HUMAN_SIGNS_LOOP/ED, Loop Festival: City Screen 2021, Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture, Barcelona, ES (immersive installation, video art and domestic grids)
2021 - ETERE, Building, Milan, IT (120 artworks)
2019 - NEPHILIM, Museo Marino Marini, Florence, IT (60 singing masks)
2019 - URLA CHAMBERS, Ex-convent Le Monacelle, Matera IT (sound art, performance and installations)
2018 - ICON-SONIC POSTCARDS N.2, POSTCARDS FROM ROME, MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art Rome, IT (icon sonic installation, paintings, archive materials and lightboxes)
2017 - VARIATIONS ON HARMONIC TREMOR, National Museum of Science “Leonardo da Vinci”, Milan, IT (over 400 photos, 12 hours of video artworks, scores and sound sculpture)
2017- ICON SONIC POSTACRDS TRIPTYCH N.1- REGGIO EMILIA POSTCARDS, Chiesa di San Carlo, Festival Aperto, Reggio Emilia, IT (icon sonic polyptych and lightboxes)
2017 - THREE GRADES OF FOREIGNNESS, La Fabbrica del Cioccolato Art Foundation, Blenio, CH (icon sonic installations, photography and sound art, overall area 1500m2)

Group Exhibitions
2022 - DÉTOUR 2.0, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR
2021 - SOCIAL IMPACT IS AN ART N.4 1ONE + 1ONE = 3THREE, Centre Des Arts – Ecole Internationale de Genève, CH
2021 - Florence Biennale, Florence, IT
2020 – REAL UTOPIAS, Manifesta 13, Marseille, FR
2020 - ANGELS, Saint Antoine Church, Istanbul, TR
2019 - Opening and main event of Ostrale Biennale, Ostrale Art Biennale, Dresden, DE

2021 - MIKVE’ (HOLY BATH), Bagni Misteriosi – Parenti Art & Design District, Milan, IT (15 sound sculptures)
2019 - MEDITERRANEAN ALTAR N.2, Centre Des Arts – Ecole Internationale de Genève, CH (sonic grains, loudspeakers, ventilators, straw and light)
2019 - THE RATTLES GARDEN, Mulinum San Floro, IT (permanent 1500m2 Community Sound Sculpture composed of 50 iron sculptures and 180 bells of the Mediterranean)
2017 - OPEN FENCE, East End Studios, Milan, IT (permanent Community Sound Sculpture of 320 tubular bells, 64m long and 4m high)
2016 - FIELDS, Bergamo, IT – Frankfurt, DE (multiple loudspeakers, in collaboration with Architettura Sonora and Catellani & Smith)
2015 - ALMA MATER, La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, IT (overall area 1200m2, 140 loudspeakers, visuals, and performers, in dialogue with Il Terzo Paradiso by Michelangelo Pistoletto)
2012 - SPACE UNFOLDED, BergamoScienza and Contaminazioni Contemporanee festivals, Bergamo, IT (120 tapes, 10 loudspeakers and A.I. system)

2021-2019 - FOLD, Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena, IT - Mulinum San Floro, Catanzaro, IT 2020-2015 - RIVERS, GAM, Turin, IT - Tempo Reale Festival and Progetto Riva, Montelupo
Fiornentino, IT – opening of Third Paradise’s Site, Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, IT
2021-2019 - FOREIGN BODIES ACTION, Building, Milano, IT - Woolbridge Gallery (gallery opening), Biella, IT – Dresden Biennial Ostrale, DE
2019 - ECHI ALL’INFINITO, opening event of “Padre e Figlio” exhibition by Michelangelo Pistoletto, Palazzo Gromo Losa, Biella, IT
2017 – THIRD PARADISE SCORE, Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, IT 2006-2007 - PACKMAN VS. ESCHER, Biarteca Festival, Biella, IT

Icon-Sonic Operas
2019-2016 - FUGA PERPETUA, Ethos Melos International Festival of Contemporary Music, SK - Musiktheater im Revier, Gelsenkirchen, DE - Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv, IL - Brighton Festival, UK – Nottingham Festival, UK - Teatro Comunale “L. Pavarotti”, Modena, IT (instrumental ensemble, visuals, mobile sound theater and vocal crowd)
2018 - JOB (GIOBBE), Terme di Diocleziano, Rome, IT (5 vocal soloists, instrumental ensemble, parallel projections, traditional vocal soloists, narrator and silent interviews)
2013 - NOISE FOR SYD, Festival Aperto, Teatro Cavallerizza, Reggio Emilia, IT (7 musicians, 2 dancers also using voice, analogue and digital projections, light show, body painting, scenography, costumes and masks)
2011 - LEILIT, Romaeuropa Festival, Rome, IT (recorders consort, accordion consort, piano, improvising soloist using live electronics, 2 Keis cantors and video)
2010 - SAMARITANS, MiTo SettembreMusica Festival, Teatro Nuovo, Milan, IT (small orchestra, Samaritan choir, video, tape and live electronics)
2008 - KOLOT, Teatro Cavallerizza, Reggio Emilia, IT – Teatro Due, Parma, IT – Teatro dal Verme, Milan, IT (12 traditional singers, mixed ensemble, video and live electronics)

Massive Sonic Works
2019 - #URLA, Matera 2019, European Capital of Culture, Matera, IT (300 performers, itinerary geographical score for the entire city centre)
2017 - REQUIEM MONUMENTALE, Monumental Cemetery of Milan, Milan, IT (2 parallel compositions, choir of 14 independent voices and a marching brass band of 100 elements)
2016-2014 - REKA, Festival Aperto, Teatro Valli, Reggio Emilia, IT - Warsaw Autumn Festival – MiTo SettembreMusica Festival, Warsaw, PL (6 extended vocal soloists, 2 percussions and crowd of 100 voices)
2013 - KARAGATAN, closing concert of Tunog Tugan 1st International Gong & Bamboo Festival, Dipolog city, PHL (100 traditional performers of gong and bamboo instruments)
2012 - GARON, La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, IT (45 tubas, 6 percussions, choir, vocal soloists and live electronics)
2011 - MISE EN ABÎME, RAI studios, Milan, IT (crowd of 100 persons, 34 accordions, soloists and 4 conductors)

Guitar Solo
Yuval is a highly acclaimed guitar player, performing both classic & electric guitars. Graduated in the Jerusalem music Academy and later being a part of the prestigious Angelo Gilardino soloists’ class, under the tutorship of Mr Angelo Gilardino (former president of the Andreas Segovia foundation) and Mr Luigi Biscaldi, Avital performed worldwide in venues such as Centre Pompidou Paris, Palazzo Reale & Teatro Nuovo Milan, Quinta da Regaleira Palace, Portugal, the National Conservatory of China, Beijing.
Performing worldwide as a classical guitar soloist for years, focusing on new music with numerous world premieres for solo guitar (many of them written and dedicated to him), Avital now dedicates his guitar to perform his own original works and to collaborate with soloists of both traditional and creative music, using classic guitar, electric guitars, prepared guitars, bowed & live electronics.

Chamber Music, video & live electronics
2020 - HORIZON AND SIREN, Centro di Ricerca Musicale, Bologna, IT (baritone and tenor saxophones and live electronics)
2016-2015 - SILENT QUARTET, Est-Ovest Festival, Turin and Genoa, IT – Anteo Cinema, Milan, IT (string quartet, video, tapes and live electronics)
2015 – MULTIPLICATIONS N.1 – Tempo Reale Festival, Florence, IT (instrumental quartet and its 6 virtual multiplications and live mixings)
2013 - OTOT, Teatro Sociale di Como, Como, IT (extended chamber orchestra, 5 percussions, 3 accordions, video and live electronics)
2012 - UNFOLDING SPACE, BergamoScienza, Bergamo, IT (electric guitar, live electronics, video, and sonic translations of the cosmic space, in collaboration with NASA and ESA scientists)
2009 - LEFKARA MOIRAI, Lefkara Festival, Cyprus, CY (4 musicians, 2 singers, video, actor, craftsmen and live electronics)
2006 - SLOW HORIZONS, Almaty, KZ (12 Kazakh nomad musicians, storyteller, dancers, video and guitar)

Chamber Music
2015-2010 – DIMDUM, Pianello del Lario, Como, IT - Fontanamix Ensemble Concert, Bologna, IT – Milan, IT (bass flute solo)
2014 - MUSIC FOR SEVEN n.3 “Un porto grigio”, closing event of IV Italian Low Brass Festival, Milan, IT (7 contrabass tubas)
2011 - MUSIC FOR SEVEN n.1, Romaeuropa Festival, Rome, IT (7 tenor recorders)
2011 - MUSIC FOR SEVEN n.6 “Horror vacui”, Romaeuropa Festival, Rome, IT (7 accordions)
2011 - DREAM, SHADOWS AND LANDSCAPES, Romaeuropa Festival, Rome, IT (solo piano sonata)

Special projects
2020-ongoing – HUMAN SIGNS, Live Grid n.1, New York, USA – Live Grid n.2, Saint Peterburg, RU – Live Grid n.3, Tel Aviv, ISR – Live Grid n.4, Milan, IT – Live Grid n.5, Turin, IT – HUMAN_SIGNS_LOOP/ED, Loop Festival: Screen City 2021, Espronceda Institute of Art, Barcelona, ES (global participatory artwork of voice and gesture, created during the first lockdown and realized with the choreographer and dancer of Teatro La Scala Stefania Ballone. Today it involves 218 artists from 50 countries and produce events both online and offline, as well as site specific installations)
2020 – “THEATRUM MUNDI” by DANIEL LIBESKIN and “MEDITATIONS ON THEATRUM MUNDI” by YUVAL AVITAL, MSCTY EXPO in partnership with London Design Festival (“Meditations on “Theatrum Mundi'" is a sonic response in 12 movements by Yuval Avital to Daniel Libeskind’s “Theatrum Mundi”, 1983, a series of 12 abstract works - paper, collage and paint on board)
2009-2007-2006 – TRIALOGO FESTIVAL, Venice, Mestre, Milan, Turin, Rome, Palermo, Monte Sant’Angelo, Pavia, Biella, IT (intercultural and multimedia festival of site-specific creations)

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